Thursday Ladies Golf Group


Consider playing with the Thursday Ladies Golf (TLG) group.  It’s a great way to meet other women golfers!  We alternate playing by flights, mixed handicap groups, and teams from week to week.  The max score on every hole is 8, after which we pick up and move on.  There is a wide range of handicaps for players in the group, so regardless of your handicap you’ll find kindred spirits!  If you don’t have a handicap, don’t worry, you can establish one after playing a few rounds.  You don’t have to make a commitment to play every week, just play when you can – hopefully often!!


A fun feature is that players contribute $1 each week and earn points on low net and low gross scores for 18 holes.  The points accumulate for prizes awarded annually.  Net scores are based on league handicaps.  We also have a 25¢ per week contribution to a pot for various things, like for anyone who has a chip-in… if there are no winners for the week, the pot remains and grows until someone wins it!  And we are proud of our birdie tree, posted on the wall entering the ladies locker room!


So join in if you want to meet fellow golfers, socialize after a round with other women who love golf, want to improve their game, and learn more about golf rules and etiquette.  This group is coordinated by Karen Loeswick ( & Mary Edith Dressel (, so feel free to contact them for more information or to join in the fun!